What to Pack for a Vacation Trip – Women’s Travel Checklist

As a girl, I used to be a heavy packer when it came to traveling. I had the “I-might-need-this” syndrome. (Actually, I’m still a victim.) And yes! I always had to sit on my luggage to close it…

Now, as an effort to pack lighter, no matter my destination or the length of my trip, my goal is to fill HALF of my luggage capacity. (Trust me, less is more! You always end up coming back home with more stuff.) If I’m going away for less than 2 weeks, I’ll bring a 21” carry-on rolling luggage but if the trip lasts more than 2 weeks, I’ll bring the 24” rolling luggage instead. (Sorry Rick Steves!)

Ladies! Whether you’re visiting Paris, London, San Francisco or your neighbor’s house, this checklist will be helpful.


Travel Checklist for Women


√ 1 coat (that can be folded and used as a pillow).

√ 1 scarf (that can be used as a blanket).

√ 1 hat (or 1 tuque if winter).

√ 1 pair of gloves (if winter).

√ 2 pairs of pants (1 casual that can be used as pajama pants & 1 fancy).

√ 5 shirts (ONLY).

√ 1 dress (or 1 skirt).

√ 1 cardigan.

√ 1 swimsuit (if summer).

√ 2 bras (1 beige & 1 black).

√ 7 panties (in every color).

√ 4 pairs of socks.

√ 2 pairs of shoes.
– Summer : 1 pair of sandals & 1 pair of comfy flats.
– Winter : 1 pair of boots & 1 pair of comfy flats.



√ Sunglasses & contact lenses (with case & travel size solution).

√ Loofah/washcloth.

√ Small towel.

√ Mini-detergent.

√ Mini-shampoo, mini-conditioner & mini-body wash (just refill them as you go).

√ Travel size hair oil.

√ Razor (non-electric) & extra blades.

√ Toothbrush, mini-toothpaste, mini-mouthwash & dental floss.

√ Sunscreen (anything over SPF 35).

√ Gel deodorant.

√ Makeup essentials : 1 foundation bottle, 1 concealer, 1 blush, 1 brush, 1 mascara, 1 eyeliner, 1 lipstick & 1 lipgloss.

√ Small perfume sample.

√ Q-tips.

√ 1 pack of makeup remover wipes.

√ Pads/tampons.

√ Tweezers & compact mirror.



√ 2 pairs of earrings.

√ 1 necklace.

√ 1 bracelet.

√ 1 watch.



√ Flat iron (make sure it supports the country’s voltage otherwise it will burn out. FYI, Canada runs on 110 volts but European countries run on 220 volts.)


√ Curling wand & glove.


√ Hair dryer.


√ 1 hair brush & 1 hair comb.

√ 1 headband.

√ 3 hair elastics.

√ 2 hair clips.

√ 1 pack of bobby pins.



√ ID tag.

√ Ziploc bags (to organize everything! Keep a few extras just in case! I like to use big bags for shoes and small bags for makeup/lotions.)

√ 1 plastic bag (for wet clothes).

√ 1 laundry bag (for dirty clothes).

√ 1 reusable shopping bag (to carry your coat, purse & souvenirs).

√ Scotch tape (to avoid spilling messes by covering bottle caps).

√ Tiny lock.


Inside my purse

√ Glasses.

√ Comfort drops.

√ Sleeping mask (for a quick & easy snooze).

√ Ear plugs (SO PRACTICAL! Especially for train/bus rides & flights).

√ 1 pair of socks.

√ Gum.

√ Medication (Tylenol/Advil, Benadryl), prescriptions & vitamins.

√ Mini-Vaseline (great for hands & feet).

√ 1 pack of refreshing wipes.

√ 1 pack of tissues.

√ Hand sanitizer.

√ First-aid kit.

√ Empty Ziploc bag (just in case!)

√ Empty plastic bag.

√ Book.

√ Camera, extra battery & charger.

√ Ipod & charger.

√ Phone & charger.

√ Small earbuds with integrated microphone.

√ USB flash drive.

√ Plug adapters (optional).

√ Pen & paper.

√ Pre-filled inventory form like this one. (Luckily, my luggage has never been “lost” yet. However, I like to fill this form ahead of time because losing your luggage seems stressful! Being prepared reduces the stress. Everybody should have this habit!)

√ Important documents (ex: tickets, hotel reservation, map, phone numbers, address list for postcards…).


Inside my money belt

√ Passport & 2 identity cards, including your driver’s license. (Don’t forget to make a photocopy for your luggage and another one for home. If you lose it, it’ll be easier to get a replacement.)

√ Credit card. (Don’t forget to call your credit card company to say that you’re going on vacation!)

√ Cash.

√ Emergency information (like phone numbers, addresses, allergies, itinerary…)



  • Shave/wax/bleach/pluck/apply nail polish/sleep before the trip.


  • Wrap bottle caps with scotch tape to avoid spilling messes. Then, store the bottles in sealable Ziploc bags since pressure variations during flights may make them leak! In fact, I use Ziplocs for e-ve-ry-thing. It’s a great way to organize my stuff and they take up less space!


  • Clotheslines are a rip-off. Don’t buy one. They won’t hold.


  • ONLY BRING STUFF THAT YOU NEED TO SURVIVE. I know it’s hard to leave your expensive moisturizer/face mask/body scrub at home… But you have to do it.


  • Don’t bring a sewing kit “just in case” if you don’t know how to sew (like me haha!).


  • PLAN OUTFITS. Don’t carelessly throw clothes in your luggage. I like to blend 2 neutral colors (white/tan/black/navy/gray) with 1 vibrant color (red/pink/orange/yellow/blue/green/purple). That way, you can mix & match your clothes to create different outfits!


  • Rolling your clothes does take up less space but spreading them flat is even better!


  • Store your money belt items in a plastic bag before placing them in the money belt! Otherwise, your body sweat will deform them… By the way, money belts have to be worn under your shirt (but over your panties). Don’t leave it in your purse!


  • Get properly vaccinated if needed.


  • Don’t forget to get travel health insurance.


Happy packing!


Perfect Black Leather Zip Wallet

My current plastic wallet has started to decompose for over 2 years now… Yesterday, the flap button broke… Needless to say, I’ve decided to purchase a new wallet!

 Criterias :

– Black (because it goes with everything);
– Leather (because it smells wonderful and lasts longer than plastic);
– A zipper all around (because it keeps your cards and money from falling out);
– Lightweight (because cards are heavy).


My Choices :

Saint Laurent : The ultimate luxury brand. I love the simplicity of this design but cringe when I look at the price. $563 CAD


Michael Kors : Who doesn’t own a MK? I still don’t but I wish it would go on sale. $165 CAD

michael kors-black-zip-wallet

Rudsak : Montréal’s own leather brand. Affordable and simple. $95 CAD


Lancaster : Parisian brand name. Gorgeous bow design & affordable. $102 CAD




Calvin Klein : Bought this one on sale for $50 CAD instead of $100 CAD! It’s similar to the MK wallet, no? I think I could also use it as a clutch!

calvin klein-black-leather-zip-wallet


Which one do you prefer? Tell me in the comment section below!


Wedding Guest Outfit – Sexy Red Satin One Shoulder Dress

Another post for the wedding outfit series. This one is a hot-as-fire sexy look.

Hair & Makeup Inspiration : Fierce battle between Amber Lancaster & Lauren Conrad’s ponytails with Olivia Wilde’s bangs. I love their poof but I can’t decide which one looks better!


Piran/Robe/Dress : Similar to this dress from Simons ($230 CAD –> $80 CAD on sale). Red is such a sexy color!

Short Red Satin One-Shoulder-Side-Dress-Ruffles

Kafsh/Chaussures/Shoes : Leopard pony hair kitten heels from Le Château ($100 CAD –> $30 CAD on sale).

Le Chateau - Leopard Kitten Heel Shoes

Kif/Sac/Purse : Black envelope clutch from Matt & Nat ($45 CAD –> $20 CAD on sale). Love this local vegan brand from Montreal!


Gooshvare/Boucles d’oreille/Earrings : Leopard-jaguar heads from Aldo ($10 CAD). I wish they made these in 18K gold!


Dastband/Bracelet/Bracelet : Gold bangle bracelets (received as a gift).


Atr/Parfum/Perfume : Dolce & Gabbana The One (received as a gift). A leopard print outfit is not complete without an Italian perfume!


What do you think? Tell me in the comment section below!


Wedding Guest Outfit – Classy Shimmer Gold Tulle Dress

Lately, everyone I know is getting married. Kililililililili (high-pitched sound that Persian people make when they’re happy)!

As a female Persian, it is my duty to plan ahead (and to make sure that nobody else will be wearing the same outfit as me haha).

Some dilemmas :
– I hate wearing the same dress twice;
– I also hate spending a lot of money on something that I can’t wear on a daily basis;
– I have a strict budget.

Without further ado, here is the first outfit that I’m putting together for a future wedding!

Hair & Makeup Inspiration : Kim Kardashian. This is my favorite hairstyle for any occasion (party, wedding, grocery store, camping, you name it!).  I LOVE having my hair straight with a set of straight cut bangs and slight layers around the face. However, my long hair is naturally wavy and I’m too lazy to straighten it everyday…


Piran/Robe/Dress : Fairytale dress from Le Château ($170 CAD –> $80 CAD on sale).

Le Chateau Ivory&Gold Sheer Tulle Dress With Bow Ribbon

Kafsh/Chaussures/Shoes : Nude pumps from Nine West ($120 CAD –> $48 CAD on sale).

Nine West Falixy Taupe Patent Shoes

Kif/Sac/Purse : Vintage gold mesh purse (hand-me-down but saw the same one at a flea market for $8 CAD).

Vintage Gold Mesh Purse

Gooshvare/Boucles d’oreille/Earrings : Heart shaped Tiffany & Co. ($550 CAD). You’re not a real Persian if you don’t wear tala/or/gold!

Tiffany & Co Gold Heart Earrings

Tel/Serre-tête/Headband : Similar to this bow headband from Aldo ($15 CAD –> $8 CAD on sale).

Gold Tone Bow Hair Band_Headband

Atr/Parfum/Perfume : Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (received as a gift). When you wear this, even your flatulence smells classy & feminine. LOL.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum


What do you think? Tell me in the comment section below!